Chamber Leadership Responds to Disparaging Communications From Local Group

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Chamber Leadership Responds to Disparaging Communications From Local Group
(Culver City, Calif.) – As the campaigns for national and local elections heat up, you may have received a communication urging you to cancel your Chamber membership. The letter is attempting to tie the Culver City Chamber to nationwide political influence sought by mega-corporations and hinting that your dues are going to fund high-paid lobbyists.
We want to take the time to inform you that none of that is true.
In fact, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, even more than other chambers across the country, represents small business owners who live right here in our community. Because of this close connection to Culver City residents, your Chamber has taken some unique positions – positions not typically seen at other chambers. The truth is that in addition to being an advocate for local business:

  • Your Chamber is a founding member of FeedCulver, the organization that banded together during the pandemic to put food on the tables of food-insecure families throughout Culver City.
  • Your Chamber routinely leads the charge to support our community in many ways from the Tribute to Heroes flag installation to the Bravo Lunch to recognize Culver City’s first responders.
  • Your Chamber is an ardent supporter of Culver City schools.
  • Your Chamber has been a lifeline to small businesses during the Pandemic providing key information regarding PPP, Safety protocols, and other vital information.
  • Your Chamber was a Co-Founder of Leadership Culver City – training future leaders.
Moreover, your Chamber operates on a shoestring budget. There are certainly no high-paid lobbyists or big-budget influence campaigns here. We are run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors – Chamber members who donate their time and talent to help improve the business climate and support the community. We have only three employees – an executive director, whose job it is to run the day-to-day operations of the chamber, a membership salesperson and an office and administrative coordinator.
It is a small but committed team working hard every day to represent the business community in the face of increasing attacks like the one you may have received. Now, more than ever, it is critical that you continue to support the Culver City Chamber and work with us to address the many ways in which the majority of City Council is making it harder and harder to do business in our community.
The City Council is pushing hard to increase the business license tax in November sending a chilling message to businesses in the community and demonstrating that the City Council’s support of their recovery is nothing more than lip service at a time when businesses are struggling to survive in the wake of the pandemic. The City Council routinely makes major decisions that negatively impact business owners, such as the implementation of the Move Culver City project or the closing of Main Street, without even trying to engage business owners in the discussion. The City Council has targeted specific employers through its Hero Pay ordinance. It has begun efforts to study an even larger increase in the minimum wage. This City Council has gone out of its way to put much of the financial burden, of the city, on the backs of business owners.
We will continue to fight the good fight, but we need your help. Please consider getting more involved in your Chamber. Think about sponsoring one of our upcoming events. And, most importantly, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow business owners as we work hard to make our community the best it can be.
Please let us know if you receive a letter or any communication from this group. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Executive Director, David Voncannon. His contact information is listed below.
There does not have to be a rift between residents and businesses – because often in Culver City, they are one in the same.
Thank you.
David Voncannon, Interim Director
Executive Committee
Maria Jacobo, Board Chair
Cedric Joins, Past Chair
Candance Simmons, Chair-Elect
Keith Jones, Vice Chair CFO
Steve Wisner, Vice Chair Administrator
Contact info:
Name: David Voncannon, Executive Director
Phone: 310-287-3855
About Culver City Chamber:
Founded in 1921, the Culver City is one of the longest and most active and longest-tenured Chambers in Los Angeles County. Located on the westside of Los Angeles, near LAX international airport, their membership ranges from small businesses to major studios, hospitality and retail to healthcare corporations. The Chamber is a voluntary, action-oriented organization of business and professionals working together to promote the commercial and economic vitality of Culver City, CA, and to foster civic improvements that benefit the general welfare of those who live, work, and visit here.

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