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Chiqeeta Jameson is the publisher of Culver City Neighbors. Culver City Neighbors is a monthly publication that features local Culver City residents, couples and families. All content is written by, for and about these local residents. The goal is to focus on the positive and be a way to connect our residents to each other and to the sponsors who want to serve them. The sponsors who appear in the magazine, make this publication possible. To learn more about Culver City Neighbors email

Chiqeeta is also a Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Sales Executive, Sales Coach, and Speaker. She has more than 30 years of sales experience working for major corporations in telephone sales, outside sales and national sales training.

She coaches sales teams, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals by replacing ineffective sales habits with successful sales conversation skills. Chiqeeta trains those new to sales, in how to develop a solid sales conversation structure and skill set through the teaching of her 9-Step Don't Sell. Let Them Buy™, Sales conversation Process.

To learn more about having Chiqeeta work with you or your sales team, or to book her to speak at your event, please visit or email

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